Bridgette Craighead is a mother, small business owner, and advocate running to represent our community in the Virginia House of Delegates. Born and raised in Rocky Mount, Bridgette learned the importance of faith, resilience, and hard work. 

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Today Bridgette owns a cosmetology business in the community where she is raising her four-year-old son. As a local business owner and job creator, she understands the unique challenges facing area parents, workers, and businesses, especially as we navigate the pandemic and try to rebuild stronger than we were before. 

Bridgette Craighead for Delegate

For too long, politicians have over promised and under delivered, leaving the people of our community further behind. Now more than ever, we need accountable leadership with the perspective needed to get results on the issues that matter most.

Bridgette is running for Delegate to bring people together and get results for a change. Everyone wants safe neighborhoods, quality schools, accessible healthcare, good-paying jobs, strong infrastructure and broadband, clean air and drinking water, and reliable transportation options.  

Bridgette has the right priorities and is ready to get to work to build a stronger, healthier, more equitable future for all of us.